Police Patrol Officer Selection Process

  1. A job announcement is distributed by the Civil Service Commission when recruiting for police patrol officers (generally once per year).
  2. Interested parties can fill out the proper application forms only during the recruitment period.
  3. Applications are screened by the Civil Service Commission.
    • Applicants who either do not meet the minimum qualifications or have problems with their applications are issued a rejection notice. The notice will explain the reasons for the rejection and informs candidates of their right to appeal. Candidates are encouraged to contact the Civil Service Commission to make the necessary corrections to the application or to provide the required documents.
    • Applicants who were found to have met the minimum qualifications and who did not have any pending issues with their applications are invited to the next step in the process.
  4. A written examination is given to individuals whose applications are accepted and pass the physical agility exam. View our Examination Preparation Tips to learn good study habits.
  5. The results from the written exam are used to determine an applicant’s position on an eligibility list.
  6. To fill a vacancy, the top candidates from the eligibility list are invited to an interview. View our Interview Tips to find out how to make a good impression.
  7. An employment offer is made to the selected individuals, contingent on passing the following post-offer steps:
    • Criminal background check
    • Driving record check
    • Drug screen
    • Comprehensive medical examination
    • Polygraph
    • Psychological evaluation
Note: All uniformed officers must start as police patrol officers. Lateral transfers are not accepted.