Pueblo ARPA Community Pillar Priorities

The following priorities were developed by community members participating in the Pueblo ARPA task forces. These priorities are aimed at helping Pueblo mitigate and recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cross-pillar priorities include better access to resources, job creation and retention, prioritizing mental health, and find solutions for quality childcare, that also enhance educational opportunities for our youth.

Cross Pillar Priorities:

Individuals and Households


Small Business


Tourism and Hospitality

Community Resilience

Childcare and Work Force Development

Quality childcare for
0-18 years

New and existing job expansion

Strengthening nonprofits - innovation and collaboration
Position Pueblo as a safe and healthy place
to visit.

Providing opportunities for job access and job success

Equity approach in accessing resources and services. Ensure that funded projects are not discriminating against any groups.

Education engagement


Fundraising to meet critical expenses and rebuild.
Improve access to wayfinding resources.
Prioritizing mental health overall and substance abuse

Access to Necessities (Food,Housing)

Wellness programs and activities including mental health, physical and outdoor activities

Small business aid sustainability


Support those organizations forced to close.
Catching up children and young people, who fell behind on education; supporting parents
Increase overall access to all resources.
Access to programs and resources for the underserved.
business local and bringing more in

Provide resources to encourage local workers to join careers in tourism and hospitality related jobs.

Immediate and long-term access and navigation of resources
Help those most affected by COVID.

Small business resilience in the face of existing and new public health emergencies

Collaboration on marketing and advertising opportunities.

Questions, Feedback? Please email ARPA2021@pueblo.us to share your thoughts