How to get a Tobacco Retail License

Step 1: 

Print the APPLICATION for a City of Pueblo Tobacco Retailer License

Step 2: 

Complete and submit the application to the City Clerk along with a check in the amount of $100 made out to the City of Pueblo for the license fee. All licenses issued under this code shall be for the period of one (1) year or a fraction thereof and shall expire on the last day of December of each calendar year unless otherwise specifically provided. 

Mail application and payment to:

City Clerk
1 City Hall Place
Pueblo, CO 81003

Please makes check payable to: The City of Pueblo 

Allow 4 weeks for the license to arrive in the mail or other arrangements can be made for pick up. 

Step 3:

Complete the State of Colorado Application.
The Colorado Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division announced that the licensing program for cigarette, tobacco product, and nicotine product retailers is being implemented as of May 3, 2021.
The online (and downloadable) application is now available for applicants, in order to give retailers ample time to apply for a license prior to the July 1, 2021 deadline.

Step 4: 

Display the license prominently in a publicly visible location at the licensed tobacco product retail location. 

Step 5: 

Remind all your employees to follow the laws for the requirements of positive identification. 

No person engaged in tobacco product retailing shall sell or transfer a tobacco product to another person who appears to be under the age of fifty (50) years without first examining the identification of the recipient to confirm that recipient is at least twenty one (21) years of age.