Department Status

City of Pueblo Department Status

After Moving to 25% In-Person Workforce

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, Mayor Nick Gradisar instructed department directors to move to 25% in-person workforce status to keep Pueblo open while conducting city business at a high-level through teleworking.

The workforce instruction lasts from Wednesday October 21, 2020 to November 13, 2020. The instruction would be rescinded or extended at any time per the Mayor’s orders.

The following is a status list of key City of Pueblo Services.


Emergency Services:
911: Fully Operational

Pueblo Police Department: Fully Operational
Pueblo Police asks the public that for those who can use online or telephone-based reporting for service. The police administration building remains open to the public. A mask must be worn all times inside.

Pueblo Fire Department: Fully Operational
The Administration Office will remain open from 08:00-17:00 Mon-Fri, appointments recommended for meetings with Fire prevention Bureau and Chiefs.  All other issues are requested to be handled electronically or over the phone.  

Aviation Department

The Pueblo Airport: Fully operational
The Pueblo Airport is open. Please check with the airlines for flight status. This situation is constantly evolving.
Masks must be worn. 

Pueblo Airport Administration: Appointment only, open online
The public is encouraged to conduct business by phone or e-mail if possible.
Please call Airport Administration at (719) 553-2760 to schedule an appointment.
Masks must be worn.

City Administration:
To enter City Hall, the public will need to wear a mask, take a temperature check and leave contact tracing information. 

Mayor’s Office: Appointment Only, open online
The Mayor’s Office remains open online. The public is encouraged to use 553-2655 or to reach the Mayor’s Office. 

City Clerk’s Office: Appointments suggested, open online
The City Clerk’s office is open electronically, by telephone, and preferably in person by appointment; however, the office is minimally staffed should there be any walk-in traffic. A mask must be worn at all times. For information call 719-553-2669 or email

Department of Finance
Finance Department: Appointments only, open online
For information contact 719-553-2625 or email

Sales and Use Tax: Appointments suggested, drop-box open
The public is urged to conduct sales and use tax business over the phone or online. Appointments are requested for in-person business. For information call 719-553-2659 or email Online payments can be made here.

Housing and Citizen Services
Housing Department: Appointment only, open online
The public is encouraged to contact the Department by phone at 553-2850 or by email at  If we are unable to assist by mail, email, or phone, to ensure the staff member working on a specific project or account is available, we request that an appointment be made in advance.

Department of Human Resources
Human Resources: Appointment only, open online
Civil Service: Appointment only, open online

For both Human Resources and Civil Service the 301 West B Street building will be open to the public by appointment only. The public should email or call to set-up an appointment. Here is our main office information:
HR: 719-553-2633;
Civil Service: 719-553-2635;

Law Department: Closed to Public, open online
For information contact: 719-562-3899.

Municipal Court: Closed to the public
Pueblo Municipal Court closed to the public through December 31, 2020
You may be able to resolve your case on-line or over the phone.
Please contact the Court to get more information (719) 562-3810.
Charts outlining changes to arraignment dates 

Planning Department: Fully operation-  with restrictions
Meetings done electronically and Permit Request via email ( If in person contact is needed, please call and set up appointment (mask required).
Call 719-553-2259

Purchasing Department: Closed to Public, open online
All bids and proposals are being taken electronically; however, if submittal drop-offs are necessary, they will be received at the front door.  All deliveries will be restricted to the front door or at the dock.

Parks and Recreation Department:
City Park Administration Offices: Appointment only, open online
City Park Recreation Annex Offices: Appointment only, open online

For both Administration and Annex offices, the public can conduct business by email, telephone, and by appointment if required to be on-site. The public will not be allowed to enter without an making an appointment. For information contact 719-553-2790 //

Pueblo Ice Arena: Fully operational w/ restrictions
Pre-registration is required for all programs and activities. Visit for more information. 

Public Works
Public Works Department: Fully operation w/ restrictions
Meetings done electronically and Permit Request via phone or email if possible. Call 719-553-2259. Email

Transportation Department: Appointment only, open online
Permit requests can be done via phone 719-553-2722 or email

Transit Administration: Appointment only, open online
Pueblo Transit is open online and available electronically. Pueblo Transit has moved to a “Fare Free” status to reduce personal interactions. For those with questions or needing additional help, you are instructed to call 719-553-2725.

Recycle Works: Fully Operational no restrictions
Large Item Drop-off and Tire Vouchers are available for purchase at Public Works. Vouchers much be purchased in-person and a mask must be worn. For information call 719-553-2748.

Stormwater Department: Closed to public, open online

Wastewater Department: Appointment only, open online