Pueblo Fire Department

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

STAGE 2 RESTRICTIONS: Prohibits the following activities:

  1. All open burning as defined other than those exceptions/exemption: Municipal code section 3-2-50.
  2. The sale or use of fireworks: Municipal code section 3-2-50.5.
  3. Outdoor smoking except within vehicle or building.
  4. Operating or using an internal combustion engine is not permitted on public lands without a spark arresting device properly installed, maintained and in effective working order meeting either:
    • Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Standard 5100-1a; or
    • Appropriate Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) recommended practice J335(b) and J350(a).
  5. Welding, or operating acetylene or other similar torch with open flame unless said work is performed in an area of at least thirty (3) feet in diameter that is clear of flammable vegetation and unless the worker has ready access to a fire extinguisher or water supply suitable to suppress any fire that results from the welding operation.