Zoning Text Amendment for Small-Scale Production Facilities


The City Planning & Community Development Department will propose zoning for small-scale production facilities. The goal  is to facilitate local entrepreneurship, occupy vacant buildings, and revitalize Pueblo’s downtown and central business and historic neighborhoods, thereby expanding business opportunity and economic development.

The use will be proposed as a conditional use in the Central Business (B-4), Historic Business (H-B), and Commercial Charter Neighborhood (CCN) Zone Districts.

City planners are inviting preliminary comment to assist in drafting a zoning text amendment.  Please provide comments before July 24, 2020. 

The text amendment will be presented in a public hearing to the Planning and Zoning Commission for review and recommendation.


Please read the Stakeholder Report with draft text amendment, May 2020.


City Planner briefs the Pueblo Downtown Association Board about the proposal, July 16, 2020.  (12-minute video)

Calendar (Tentative)

May 27th, 2020: Pueblo Planning & Zoning Commission Work Session.
June 16th, 2020: Pueblo Makes (stakeholder) virtual meeting. For an invitation, contact Pueblo Makes.
July 25th, 2020: Preliminary comments due.
August, 2020: PEDCo requested delaying the amendment while they conduct a downtown building inventory to determine appropriate gross floor area.
August 25th September 22, 2020: Revised text amendment will be available to read and receive public comment.
September 9 October 14, 2020: Planning & Zoning Commission Regular Meeting. See case number TA-20-01.

Contact (Reference case number TA-20-01)

City Planning & Community Development Department
211 East D Street, Pueblo CO 81003

Project manager: Alan Lamberg, senior planner, 719-553-2241, ALamberg@Pueblo.us


Pueblo Downtown Association
Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCo)
Pueblo Makes
and Citizens of the City of Pueblo