Restaurant Reopening Plan

A Guide for Expanded Restaurant Temporary Permits  ...Read on 

All necessary forms and applications will be submitted to the City Clerk’s office. This may include:

Outdoor Service Area Application  (required) 

Tent Application                                                   Restaurant Hotline: 719-553-2615 


  The City Clerk’s office will review the application for completeness. 

Map/Diagram of premises before and after addition - Example


  1.   The City Clerk’s Office will review for completeness. 
    1.  Completed DR 8442
    2.   Control Plan - Example
    3.   Diagram/Map before modification - Example 
    4.   Diagram/Map after modification - Example 
    5.   Written permission to use property (if on private property)  
  2. If approved for completeness the City Clerk will conditionally approve the application and forward it on to the State Licensing Authority. 
  3. Applications will be approved on condition that a routing sheet is completed; the City Clerk will forward the application packet to Zoning, Fire Department, and Health Department for inspection and approval. 
  4. If an application is approved by the State, the City Clerk will inform the applicant that they may begin service on the modified premises.
    If an application is denied by the State, the City Clerk will inform the applicant of the deficiencies (unless the State says otherwise applicant will have to reapply and pay the fee again)
  5. Fire Dept., Health Dept., and Planning Dept. will conduct their inspections when possible. Any issues that will require addressing should be brought to the attention of the City Clerk.