Citizens Access Instructions


What you can do:

  • File & Pay Sales/Use Tax Return
  • File Excise Tax Return (can only include “Gross Sales”) on Sales/Use Tax Return and remit tax due.
    Mandate is to email completed return to
  • At this time PIF Returns cannot be processed online


You will be required to provide an email address in order to set up the account. For those that use there are special instructions on the reverse side of this page you will need to read in order to
successfully receive a confirmation email during the initial set-up.

After setting up your log on you will then need to link your City of Pueblo Sales/Use Tax Account and this will require you to enter the “Account Number” and the “Licensed Address” exactly as it is stated in our system. The easiest way to know this is to look at the Licensing Invoice enclosed in this packet. ONLY USE street address not the city, state or zip code.

FILING A RETURN: Select “File a Return”. It will look like this:

Img 1

Select the account and period.

LICENSING: Select “Renew License” and there you can pay to renew the license for the next year. Simply click in the box next to the account and click next.

img 2

STATEMENT: Select “Outstanding Balances” and pay fees owed.

img 3

Comcast Email Rule for Online Sales Tax Filing

Log into your Comcast/Xfinity account using your preferred web browser. Select “Mail”. You should see something like this:
Click on the gear icon at the far right on the menu bar.

img 4

Select “Settings”

img 5

Select “Filter Rules” from the settings menu.

img 6

In “Mail Filter Rules”, click on “Add New Rule”.

Create your new rule to match the one shown below.

img 7

Click on Save. Now you should be able to complete the new user registration for
City of Pueblo, Citizen Access.