No Loitering Signs

No Loitering signs with the Pueblo Police logo are now available for purchase through the Community Services Division at the Pueblo Police Department. The signs are 12”x18” in size, aluminum, reflective, with an anti-graffiti film applied for easy clean-up. These signs are to help deter unwanted pedestrian(s) impeding the flow for others around your property. (See city ordinance below for further). The signs are $30.00 each and funds go to the Crime Prevention Unit. Contact Officer Brandon Beauvais at or 719-553-2484 for more information.

Sec. 11-1-202. - Loitering. 

(a) Definitions. When used in this Section:

        (1) Loitering or loiter shall mean remaining idle in essentially one (1) location, to be dilatory or to tarry and shall include but not be limited to standing around, sitting, kneeling, sauntering or prowling.

(b) it shall be unlawful for any person to loiter:

        (1) In a manner which obstructs any public street, highway or sidewalk or entrance to a public facility by hindering, impeding or tending to hinder or impede the free and uninterrupted passage of vehicles, traffic or pedestrians; 

        (2) In or upon any public street, public highway, public sidewalk or any other public place and engage in any act which obstructs or interferes with the free and uninterrupted use of the property or with any business lawfully conducted in or upon or facing or fronting on any such public street, public highway, public sidewalk or any other public place or building, all of which prevents the free and uninterrupted ingress, egress and regress herein, thereon and thereto; or       

No loitering image

(3) With the intent to interfere with or disrupt the school program or with the intent to interfere with or endanger school children, in a school building or on school grounds, not having any reason or relationship involving custody of, or responsibility for, a pupil or any other specific legitimate reason for being there, and having been asked to leave by a school administrator or his or her representative or by a peace officer.

(c) Loitering is a Class 2 municipal offense