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Inspection Process

Plan Review: Inspection Process

Once construction is complete, the applicant requests inspections. Typically, this includes PRBD routing to agencies for approving a certificate of occupancy (C.O.).

The Pueblo Regional Building Department 719-543-0002, Board of Water Works 719-584-0250, and Electric Utility 888-890-5554 have their own processes, and the applicant will need to coordinate with them separately.

City agencies will provide on-site inspections ensuring the project is built to approved plans. This is a similar routing process from PRBD to the city planning office. After agencies have signed the CO routing sheet, the applicant brings it to PRBD to obtain the CO.

City Planning 719-553-2295 coordinates inspections with certain City agencies, including Public Works Engineering Division, Transportation, Stormwater, Wastewater, and the Fire Department.

Upon receiving a request for inspection, agencies may visit the site immediately, or they may need a few business days.

If a site is not ready yet and inspectors have to return, then a re-inspection fee may be assessed.

Upon passing inspection, each agency will sign the Building Department routing sheet for C.O.

Please notify the Planning Office by e-mailing  and reference case number, and include in the subject line, “request inspection”.

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