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Electronic Submittal And Communications With City

For new commercial plans the Planning Department requires a Review Application be submitted to initiate a Commercial Site Plan Review. Please follow the Electronic Submittal Information and the Submittal Checklist to determine what forms may be required and in what order; not all the forms will apply immediately.

Application fee depends on the scope of work. Typically $200 for per the fee schedule.
Applicant (and/or contractors) sends plans and related documents to and references the address and/or case number. The project must stay organized and accessible in the following ways:

  • If the file is meant for review by a specific person in the department or another agency, the front office will forward it to that person sees it. 
  • If the project planner is away from the office, then another planner may be able to help. 
  • E-mail: avoid sending ZIP files; each attachment size can be 10 MB or less; if plans cannot be emailed, the applicant or contractor may ask the planner for a link to share the files.

4. City planner coordinates with certain city agencies to review the plans for code compliance.

5. If the plans need revision, then the city planner conveys to the applicant memo(s) outlining what is required, and this iterative process returns to step #1.

If the plans comply with code requirements, then the applicant moves on to a process for plan approval.

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