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Plan Review: Requirements

Applicable sections to the Pueblo Municipal Code (PMC) may be cited in compliance worksheets. The PMC is available and searchable online:

 Pueblo Regional Building Department (719-543-0002): Adopts model building codes developed by the International Code Council (ICC) and others, including but not limited to International Building, Energy, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Fuel Gas; Residential Codes; National Electrical Code, and others. See for details.

City Planning (719-553-2295): Title XVI – Zoning, and project management with certain agencies.

  • Application for site plan review. 

 • Forms 

  • Fee collection on behalf of certain agencies.

 • Fee schedule

  • Commercial Plan Review Submittal Checklist: Depending on the scope of work, an application may require the following components: 

 • Plan(s) for site, accessibility, utility, grading, and/or drainage;

 • Landscape plan for property and public right-of-way, and plant schedule, irrigation note or plan. See Recommended plant list:

  • Final plan may have to be stamped by a landscape architect licensed in Colorado
  • If designed by landscape architect, then it will require a landscape inspection affidavit

 • Outdoor lighting performance standards; •Photometric plan; •Manufacturer’s cut sheets 

• Architectural elevations (Development performance standards) – to assess if size or scale applies for new construction and/or additions over 35%. Usually facade treatments are required for facades that face public streets and ways. For industrial development the land use administrator may consider alternative treatments.

If any of the above items are applicable, they may require site plan compliance worksheets.

 City Waste Water (719-553-2898) Title XVI – Water and Sewer

  • Connection or Tap fees may apply, per Section 16-11-3.
  • If the occupancy type changes, then an upgrade may be required.

City Public Works, Engineering Division (719-553-2295) Title XII – Public Improvements and Planning

  • Reviews the need for installation or repair of sidewalk, curb, gutter, and curb ramps. See Standard Construction Specifications and Details.
  • Building permits cannot be pulled on an unplatted lot. Check the legal description prior to application.

City Stormwater (719-553-2899) Title XVI – Water and Sewer, Chapter 12 – Stormwater Utility

City Transportation (719-553-2722):

  • They review access points and related traffic control devices. 
  • If any increase in square footage is proposed, then they will review the site for the parking code compliance: 

  • Title XV – Traffic;

  • Title XVII – Zoning, Chapter 4 – Zone Districts; Regulations; Use Index, Article IV – Off-street Parking Requirements;

   • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

  • If parking spaces and access aisles are new or altered, then they will review the site for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

State of Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Region 2 (719-546-5414) 5615 Will Boulevard, Pueblo, CO 81008 

  • If access, driveway, or curb cuts are planned from private property to state highways, then contact them for procedures, standards and permits. 
  • If new landscaping is required in CDOT right-of-way, then contact them for a permit or license

Board of Water Works (719-584-0250)

  • If the occupancy type changes, then an update may be required. 

Black Hills Electric Utility (888-890-5554)

  • If the occupancy type changes, then an update may be required. 

Fire Department (719-553-2830): International Fire Code

  • If the occupancy type changes, then an update may be required. 
  • Typically reviews plans at PRBD every Friday.

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