Sign Permit

Apply for a Sign Permit

The Pueblo City Zoning Code regulates all signs.

Please e-mail a sign plan to or visit us at our front counter office. Application requirements:

  • No fee to the planning department.
  • Site plan, indicating lot dimensions, streets, alleys, easements, all existing buildings, and proposed location of the sign. 
  • Diagram or elevation of the sign: size dimensions 
  • If the sign will be attached to a building, please include a photo or elevation of the building frontage 
  • If you are excavating ground in order to install a free-standing sign, you will need to describe what will happen to the excavated soil and how it will be contained in case of a storm. This is called an erosion and sediment control (ESC) plan. Further information about ESC is available upon request.


All signs must be on private property. They are typically not permitted in public rights-of-ways, including public sidewalks, lawns or streets.

Window signs (that convey a commercial intent) are regulated like wall signs. Otherwise, window signs that are artfully decorative (without commercial intent) are exempt.

Temporary signs must comply with these regulations [§ 17-10-05 (j)]

  • Maximum 33 SF and no higher than 5 feet for residential zones; and 66 SF and no higher than 8 feet in all other zone districts. 
  • Not allowed in public right-of-way. 
  • May not be displayed for more than 90 days per calendar year. 
  • Shall be removed within 15 days after completion of the related event. 
  • No part shall be placed in or on or shall protrude into any public right-of-way. 
  • While zoning cannot regulate First-Amendment protected, noncommercial speech, any and all temporary signs are subject to the above regulations.

These do not need a building permit, but must comply with zoning regulations:

  • Signs painted on the surface of a building [§ 4-2-2 (u)] 
  • Signs lower than six (6) feet above grade. [§ 4-2-2 (u)] 
  • Paper, synthetic, or other cloth-type nonrigid banners which have thirty (30) square feet or fewer, located on private property and remain no more than sixty (60) days. [Section 4-2-2 (v)]

A property does not require a zoning permit if it displays six (6) square feet or less in total signs.

In Historic Business (H-B) and Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP) zone districts, if the sign plan conforms to H-B guidelines, then it can be administratively approved. But if not, then you must apply for a hearing by the Historic Preservation Commission for H-B, or Planning & Zoning Commission for HARP. More information about this is available upon request.

The Building Official issues certain sign permits

Please contact the Pueblo Regional Building Department 719-543-0002 or

Use their application form. Or, they can e-mail you that application. Certain agencies will require review, so it includes a routing section at the bottom of the form.


Pueblo Municipal Code:

 Title XVII – Zoning, Chapter 10 – Sign Code

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