Plan Review

Plan Review: Process

The purpose of this overview is to provide a brief description of the application process for a Commercial Plan Review within the City of Pueblo.

Agencies have various requirements, depending on a project’s scope of work. Property owners or their consultants such as general contractors, architects, and engineers are welcome to inquire before officially applying.

Inquire by contacting the City Planning Department. Call or send an e-mail to   and include in the subject line “pre-app development question.” Include the address or parcel number, and any of the following details:

  • A brief description of the project (new construction (size), addition (size), site work (driveways, parking, landscaping), exterior remodel, and/or interior remodel); 
  • Current use and proposed use;
  • Current size of structures, if any;
  • Are there existing public improvements (sidewalks and curb ramps), and when were they installed?
  • Will a sanitary sewer and/or water service line be installed or upgraded?

For instance, if the application is for a tenant finish or exterior remodel (that doesn’t have an addition), then only some agencies will need to review the plan.

Evaluation of our processes

We welcome your ideas. Please send them to the attention of the Planning Director to

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