What is the Electric Utility Commission?

The Electric Utility Commission (EUC) is a group of Pueblo residents who are working together to determine the next steps that the Pueblo community should take regarding their electric providers. 

State law gives the City of Pueblo the option to cancel  its 20-year franchise agreement with Black Hills in 2020, 10 years early. Due to concerns over high rates and restart costs, the City of Pueblo established the EUC to advise the best steps forward regarding  electric energy service. 

Why was the EUC Established? 

The EUC was established as a non-biased group that would discuss the options Pueblo has to address the electric energy issue. The EUC is conducting the necessary research to ultimately recommend next steps to the newly elected Mayor and City Council.  

What process does the EUC follow? 

The EUC, along with the Mayor and City Council, will review all findings related to the energy question and field input from residents in Pueblo and the surrounding areas. The EUC will then make a recommendation on the path forward. 

At the end of this process, what will happen? 

There are several potential results of the energy conversation; all solutions are intended to improve the situation for Pueblo residents. 

Potential outcomes include:

  • Establishing a municipal utility
  • Renegotiating the franchise agreement with Black Hills  

Why is a feasibility study important? 

A feasibility study is the first step to determining the options available to the City in the energy conversation. The main purpose of the feasibility study is to determine whether it is possible for the City to create a municipal electric utility. 

Why did it take so long for the public to see the feasibility study 

The feasibility study was written by EES Consulting and it is critical to determining what is feasible in the energy conversation and what options the City has to resolve this problem. 

The EUC, City Council, and other key stakeholders initially reviewed the draft feasibility study before it was made public to all residents. This wasn’t to change information, but to make recommendations for additional clarification and information so that the final report that is released was accurate and without error. 

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