ARTIST‘S STATEMENT: Ken Williams Studio.

As you approach the bridge, two vertical spires of the sculpture with their circular steel sun/rainbow elements reach skyward in the midst of the landscape, creating a portal through which travelers will pass. The sculpture reinforces and defines the idea that Pueblo has historically been recognized as the crossroads to the great Southwest.


The sculpture was designed to fully integrate in harmony with its surroundings. The triangular constructions of the two spires are positioned in such a way that the angled sides push inward against the vertical sides that visually create the portal. The angled and curved steel will frame the natural warmth and color of the ceramic tile with pictorial elements that recognize and reflect the history, industry, culture and landscape of the region.


From the artists:

We considered the multiple vantage points at interstate speed. We designed a 50’ high form, mainly composed of elements of steel, carved and glazed ceramic tile. From this speed and distance, the sculptured glazed tile suggests an abstract colored fabric framed by the massive core ten steel element. 


We want the traveler to have a second look at our sculpture and community. As you approach the exit and round - about, the sculpture will reveal a composition of colorful images, open to a range of interpretation. 

Native American pottery designs

Pioneers - wagon wheel 

Industry - steel and wind energy 

Farming – chilies

Ranching – barbed wire

Environment – sunshine, water, landscapes 


View of 50-foot-tall sculpture in the roundabout

At another level the steel arches frame the vastness of the open space and open sky; like our city of Pueblo, framed by the mountains to the west, mesas to the east and Spanish Peaks to the south. All are bisected by the merging of the life-giving ribbon of the Arkansas River and the earth creating parallel bands of foliage; which support farms, industry and energy. Revealing a welcoming new landscape of high desert, supporting blended cultures and opening our senses to experience the South West.

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