Chaplain Program

Pueblo Fire Department

Chaplain Program
Mission Statement
The mission of the Pueblo Fire Department Chaplain Program is 2-fold. First, the Chaplain Program will be a resource for area firefighters and their families, especially in times of crisis and/or grief. Second, the Chaplain Program will provide comfort, assistance, and/or spiritual guidance to the citizens of the various communities in Pueblo County, especially during times of crisis and/or grief.

What the Chaplain Does

The Pueblo Fire Department Chaplain provides crisis intervention and/or the services of a chaplain when requested by Pueblo Fire Department members for the following types of incidents:
  • Attempted / completed suicides
  • Crisis intervention at the scene of an accident or traumatic/critical incidents
  • Emotional disturbance with significant trauma
  • Family crises
  • Natural / unnatural deaths
  • Personal needs of fire personnel and/or their families
  • Victims and witnesses of crime
  • Weddings, funerals, and memorial services
Who the Chaplain Is
The Pueblo Fire Department chaplain is a volunteer member of the clergy who serves in a local church. In addition to being a religious leader in the community, the chaplain is also a member of the Pueblo Fire Department. The chaplain offers a caring friendship to Fire Department personnel and represents a positive liaison between firefighters and the local community. The chaplain represents a positive community voice and support to the Fire Department.

Contact Us
To contact the chaplain, please call the Pueblo Fire Department Administrative Office at 719-553-2830 or the Pueblo city Emergency Dispatch Center at 719-553-2502.