Volunteers Assisting Pueblo Police (VAPP) 
Positions & Applications

Position: Role Playing

Responsible to:

Officer Heather Smith, Sergeant Dennis Furbush, Jennifer Parker (coordinator)


Pueblo Police Department, training facilities around town

General Description:

The SWAT team and Police Academy train on tactical procedures using different scenarios that include active shooters, felony arrests and traffic stops. These trainings put officers in real-life situations to help them be better prepared for any situation.


You will be actors role-playing in different scenarios to help train police officers. You might be the victim or the shooter depending on the scenario.

Time Requirements:

3-4 times a year, 6-8 hours at a time. The dates vary based on training and academy schedules.


You will be trained on-site with other volunteers. The coordinator will also talk through expectations with you beforehand.


These scenarios require the volunteer to be agile and dramatic. You will get dirty, hot/cold, tired, and sore. You will spend time on the floor, in cars, hiding in dark places. You will need to be physically able to bend, kneel, crawl, get handcuffed and be in many other uncomfortable positions.