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Child Care Home Use Permit Application

Child Care Home

  1. The applicant must be granted and maintain a State of Colorado Daycare Home permit. The applicant is to provide proof of the State permit to the office of the Planning and Community Development Department within 180 days of the date of the permit or this permit shall be null and void.
  2. The applicant shall obtain and maintain a City business license.
  3. Off-street parking shall be provided, within the subject property, for parking and drop off, to ensure the neighborhood will not be negatively impacted by the use. Each parking space must be a minimum of nine (9) feet wide by eighteen (18) feet deep, and must be located completely within the property, such that the space does not encumber the public sidewalk. In addition, the required off-street parking space shall be permanent in character and paved with asphalt, concrete, or pavers. The space must remain open and available to customers during business hours. The number of required off-street parking spaces is stated below, based on the street frontage, as measured along the street curb; however, the Administrative Official may reduce, waive, or modify this requirement when the potential neighborhood impact will be reduced by the use of alley, if the neighboring properties are non-residential, or other neighborhood characteristic where the off-street parking would not be necessary, as determined by the Administrative Official.
    1. Lots with a street frontage of at least forty-five (45) feet wide, shall provide at least one (1 ), open and unenclosed, off-street parking space.
    2. Lots with a street frontage of less than forty-five (45) feet wide, shall provide at least two (2), open and unenclosed, off-street parking spaces.
  4. Other than family members residing within the dwelling unit located on the lot or parcel, there shall be no other employee working at the child care home.
  5. All outdoor recreation areas shall be completely screened and enclosed by a six-foot-high solid fence with solid self-closing and self-latching gates.
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