Pueblo Art in Public Places

Art in public places takes many shapes, forms, sizes, styles, and is made from a wide variety of materials. Public art is planned and executed with the intention of being exhibited in public spaces, usually outside and accessible to everyone. Public art is a working practice of the relationship between the content and audience, site specificity, community involvement and collaboration. The City of Pueblo, Colorado is home to nearly one-hundred and sixty (160) pieces of publicly owned art. To access these art resources, click on one of the following Pueblo Art in Public Places tours. A new window with the tours will appear in your web browser.

About These Tours:

 In a collaborative effort, the City of Pueblo and Adams State University has developed a publicly owned artwork inventory and authored online photo collage tour maps. These tours were developed in cooperation with Adams State University Department of History, Anthropology, Political Science, Philosophy, Spanish (HAPPS) Cultural Resource Management Program; Kerry A. Bennett, Graduate Student; City of Pueblo, Planning and Community Development Department; and the Department of Information Technology GIS Division. These applications were designed to be data catalogs for public information.


These tours are intended to serve as an inventory of publicly owned artwork in the public view located in the City of Pueblo, Colorado. The City of Pueblo supports no particular art style, type, and or artist. The art presented in these tours is currently limited to publicly owned and commissioned exterior art only. The City of Pueblo does not guarantee nor provide any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the representative completeness or accuracy of maps, tours, and or data provided herein.