Crime Prevention Awareness Alert - Holiday Decor Theft Prevention Tips


Crime Prevention Awareness Alert


It’s that time of year again where we start to see our criminals out looking to steal anything they can to make a few dollars on. Be on the lookout for suspicious cars and people in your neighborhoods.

Prevention tips to consider:

  • Doorbell/front porch cameras
  • Motion censored audio alert alarms
  • Extra lighting, and 
  • If you can stake these items deeper into the ground or tie off additional ties do so. 
  • Mark these items somewhere with a unique marking (serial number, initials, or anything to help us identify them later if stolen) 
  • And as always make a police report.

If you have no suspect information and no evidence for an officer to collect, you can self-report on our P2C online reporting

If you have suspect information or evidence an officer needs to obtain, please call our non-emergency line at 553-2502 or if it’s an emergency or crime in progress call 911.

Officer Brandon Beauvais
Crime Prevention Officer