Pueblo police

Crime Prevention Awareness Alert


The Pueblo Police Department has seen a number of instances in Pueblo particularly in shopping centers and their parking lots where purses/wallets are being stolen either with or without force. We would like to share a few safety and crime prevention tips to consider. 
  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Try to park close to the front of the store or where the parking lot is lit up and you’re near a lot of people
  • If possible try to avoid having large purses (Perhaps replacing with a small wallet or coin purse you can place in your front pocket)
  • Try to reduce the amount of valuable items within your purse (car keys, cash, social security cards, etc.)
  • Try to keep your purse on your shoulder and close to your body at all times (Placing your purse across your body with the strap is a great option)
  • Avoid leaving your purses unattended within your shopping cart (It is very easy to become distracted)
  • If your purse is taken from you try to make as much noise as possible so everyone around you is aware of the incident and can notify police immediately

* If you see suspicious people in the parking lot, please notify management of the property or call 
Pueblo Police: Non-Emergency 553-2502, 
Emergency 911