Home Burglary Prevention



When it comes to burglaries there are physical and psychological things citizens can do to help deter the attraction of criminals from not only their home but their entire neighborhood. Below are options to consider as we encourage our community to participate. If everyone is participating and adding these proactive layers, the quality of life could be improved within your neighborhood and our community.

Expensive options to consider

  • Alarm systems
  • Surveillance camera system Serves as a great psychological deterrent but also assists Police investigations for identification purposes etc.
  • Doorbell cameras to include motion activated smart phone alerts
  • Solid storm doors (wrought iron, laminate glass) with a deadbolt for exterior doors can serve as a great physical and psychological deterrent on your exterior doors
  • Cylinder dead bolt locks for exterior doors and be sure to use them (You truly get what you pay for here)
  • Window protection film/laminated glass films: This helps reinforce the strength of glass on your windows around your home
  • Lighting. Adding extra lights to include motion lights, light timers, solar lights, around your property. In the long run, adding LED lights could actually save you money and cover a bigger area
  • Wireless motion alert systems: These can alert you by noise, or even by smart phone of motion occurring inside or outside of your residence
  • Guard dog(s). Dogs help create noise and serve as a possible physical and psychological deterrent to criminals

Inexpensive options to consider

  • Outdoor dusk to dawn light control sockets (photocell): Outdoor light bulbs screw into this socket; the light will automatically turn on when dark, and off when light is present
  • Fake/decoy cameras: These can be purchased at most hardware stores or online and serve as a cheap psychological deterrent
  • Fake/decoy security system stickers and signs made to place around your property, which serve as another psychological deterrent. These are also available in local home improvement stores
  • Three-inch wood decking screws: This is to upgrade from standard ¾ inch screws that go into the strike plates of your locks, hinges, located on your exterior doors. This is a very inexpensive thing to help strengthen door frames, locks, and doors in general
  • Routine maintenance: Keep your landscape groomed by not allowing trees/shrubs to overgrow and create concealment near your windows, doors, porch etc. Ultimately, you want to allow visibility from the street or alleyway for neighbors and/or police to see
  • Window security system kits: Battery operated to alert you or neighbors by creating noise when windows/doors are opened or tampered with
  • Leave radios/televisions/lights on when your away to create noise/light within
  • Be cognizant of what you post on social media (vacation pics, check-ins, etc.) when you are away from your home
  • Don’t leave garage doors, windows, doors open/unlocked.
  • Report suspicious activity immediately to police (vehicle descriptions, people, etc.). If officers are unable to contact the people, these details can still help officers who are investigating the incident or make it known to them that the neighborhood is watching
  • Start a Neighborhood Watch group to get to know your neighbors, create trusting relationships, and instill a larger extra eye than the one on your own property
Officer Brandon Beauvais 
Pueblo Police Department 
Crime Prevention Officer 
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator 
CPTED Certified