El Centro del Quinto Sol Park and Trails Project

El Centro del Quinto Sol Park and Trails Project consists of two features. The Wheel Park and the Fountain Creek Trail Access and Park Activity Area.


The Wheel Park will have an artistic element that will mimic the creeks appearance.  el centro del quinto solIt will consist of two major portions, a Bowl park and a Street Style park. The layout of the wheel park will entertain and challenge users of all skill levels and provide spectators the opportunity to view activities in a comfortable setting.

The Bowl portion will have a southern pool bowl with coping and tiles. The pool bowl will have a depth of 7 feet. The southern pool bowl will connect to a northern flow bowl through more features and transitions designed to let the user maintain their speed and flow when moving between the two bowls. The transition area includes a Small Stair Set with Rail and Hubba, a Box Bench, a Taco Quarter Pipe, and an Art Petal Element. The northern flow bowl will have a Death Box, Pool Coping and Steel Coping with a shallow end depth of 5 feet and a deep end with a depth of 9 feet.

 The second portion of the wheel park will be a street style course with Bank Hips, Bank to Ledges, an A Frame Rail, a Wallie to Manny Pad, a Euro Gap, a Stair Set with Hubbas, and “Flowing Transitions” that will allow park users to maintain speed and flow throughout the park.

The project was awarded to Team Pain, one of the top wheel park designers/builders in the Nation. Construction began on May 18th, 2015 and is anticipated to be completed by November 2015.


The Fountain Creek Watershed Trails and Recreation Project will consist of; Trail Construction, the Creek Side Access and Activity area, and Park Improvements. The new trail will be 12 feet wide and extend from East 8th Street south to East 4th Street. Improvements along the trail will include pedestrian lighting, benches, trash/recycling receptacles, information and user/regulation signage. The trail will be realigned to integrate with the Creek Side Access and Activity Area located east of the levee and adjacent to Fountain Creek.

Underpass improvements at East 4th street and East 8th Street will include safety lighting, retaining walls and fencing to discourage loitering and transient use. The Creek Side Access and Activity Area will include a series of interpretive signs and two scenic overlooks, which focus on the uniqueness of the creek, the challenges urban development pose to the creek, historic exploration of trails, and the types of habitats along the creek corridor.

Park improvement will include a plaza area for public events, concrete sidewalks, an irrigation system and landscaping.

The project was awarded to Cortez Construction Co. of Pueblo. Construction began on March 9th, 2015 and is anticipated to be completed by November, 2015.