Land Use Map

This map reflects the proposed future land use of a given area and or property.

To search by address please use the following syntax:

Address Number Street Pre-Direction (e.g. N, S, E, W), Street Name, Street Type (e.g. ST, RD, AVE, BLVD) followed by if applicable type of secondary facility (e.g. APT, UNIT, BLDG) followed by if applicable secondary facility number. Do not include City State and Zipcode.

Public Notice:
Note, The City of Pueblo Address Points layer is to be used for address search purposes. This application does permit a user to utilize approximate addressing through the ESRI® World Geocoder via the ‘street centerline’ approximation method. This addressing option is not an officially issued resource by the City of Pueblo, Colorado, and is NOT to be used in determining an addresses location.

For assistance using this zoning district map service or for specific inquiries on zoning and land use administration please contact the Planning and Community Development Department at (719) 553-2259. Please note, this map is subject to change without notice.

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City of Pueblo Address Points Last Updated: June 29, 2017.