Public Safety & Health

  1. Animal Control

    Animal Control

    Learn about Animal Control in the city.

  2. Code Enforcement

    Code Enforcement

    The Pueblo Police Department Code Enforcement Unit is dedicated to the clean up of Pueblo.

  3. Emergency Preparedness

    Emergency Preparedness

    Resources that are designed to help you, the citizen be prepared in the event that a disaster hits.

  4. Fire Department

    Fire Department

    It is the PFD's responsibility to protect the life and property residents and visitors to the City of Pueblo

  5. Food Safety Programs

    Food Safety Programs

    Pueblo County's home for the latest food safety news

  6. Health Department

    Health Department

    Committed to promoting the health and protecting the environment of Pueblo County.

  1. Hospitals & Urgent Care Facilities

    Hospitals & Urgent Care Facilities

    For immediate medical service for emergencies or outside of regular office hours.

  2. Municipal Court

    Municipal Court

    The Pueblo Municipal Court is the court created by the Charter for the City of Pueblo...

  3. Police Department

    Police Department

    The PPD is responsible for the preservation of public peace, crime prevention, protection of rights...

  4. Pueblo County Sheriff's Office

    Pueblo County Sheriff's Office

    Serving and protecting the County of Pueblo

  5. 10th Judicial District / Pueblo County Courtrs

    10th Judicial District / Pueblo County Courtrs

  6. Senior Care Services

    Senior Care Services

    Get the care for a senior at one of these facilities.