Pueblo Chile Hunt

The 1st Pueblo Chile Hunt is now over! Jana Warren is the contest's 1st winner, with her discovery of the special Pueblo Chile Rock Tuesday afternoon at Mineral Palace Park. Jana found the rock behind the art guild in the park, next to the 1st support beam in the back of the building. Warren claimed her prize, a $200 Amazon gift card, Wednesday afternoon at the city's Municipal Justice Center.

About the Hunt
The scavenger hunt was launched January 17th on the City of Pueblo website. Clues as to where the chile rock was hidden were revealed Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays since the search opened. Warren is a Pueblo native so clues about a quarry (the chile was actually painted on a rock), 50 acres (the size of Mineral Palace Park), the King and Queen (Colorado coal and silver) and Greeks and Turks (statues and buildings that were former baths) did not stump her.
"I must have walked that entire 50 acres looking for that rock, but I knew I was in the right place," she says.

City of Pueblo Media Systems Administrator Bob Cuomo says he is pleased with how the scavenger hunt worked out and plans to bring it back again next January.

CivicPlus, a web design company that works with the city, sponsored the hunt and donated the gift card.