City Clerk


Election Days

The City Clerk is the designated election official for the City of Pueblo. General municipal elections are held the first Tuesday of November during odd-numbered years. Special elections are called by ordinance of the City Council and may be held at any time. Special Municipal Elections are often held in conjunction with the Pueblo County General Election, in November for even-numbered years.

As a public servant, the City Clerk is here to assist you and your needs, believing person-to-person contact works best for the statutory regulations and forms required in elections. Please contact the City Clerk's Office at 719-553-2669 regarding additional election information.

Register to Vote

You may register to vote online or in person at the Pueblo County Elections Department.

Run for an Elected Position

If you are interested in running for an elected position (City Council, Board of Waterworks, Civil Service Commission), you must register with the City Clerk’s office and file a Candidate Affidavit within 10 days of announcing your intent to run for Council. Your Candidate Committee must also register with the City Clerk’s office before accepting any contributions. Additionally, you must gather citizen petition signatures during a set time period to show community support of your candidacy.


  • Must have been a citizen of the United States for the past five years
  • Must have resided in the City of Pueblo for at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the election
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony (a background check will be conducted on all candidates)
  • Must have resided in the Precinct for ten days immediately before filing as a candidate
  • Must be a resident and registered elector of the District from which elected
  • Must not be an employee of the City of Pueblo
  • Must not hold any other elective public office

Forms and Information:

Put an Initiated Ordinance on the Ballot

If you would like to add an Ordinance to the Pueblo Municipal Code or to change or repeal an Ordinance adopted by City Council or to amend the City Charter, you are required to comply with the citizen initiated petition process. You must first file a Statement of Intent (written notice of the intent to circulate a petition) and also submit for approval by the City Clerk, a draft of the proposed Ordinance or Charter Amendment and a proposed petition form. Please contact the Clerk’s office to start this process. There are deadlines for obtaining signatures and for filing the signed petitions with the City Clerk. You are strongly urged to contact an attorney or other independent advisor with experience in initiative and election law to guide you through all the citizen initiative requirements.

Forms and Information: