Boards and Commission Applications

Available Applications

  • Planning and Zoning Commission: All plats of proposed annexations, subdivisions, special area plans, rezonings, vacations and master plans presented to City Council for approval are submitted to the city Planning and Zoning Commission, which makes recommendations to the council with respect thereto. The commission hears applications for amendments, modifications or revisions of zoning ordinances, and forwards such applications to the council with its recommendations thereon.
  • Zoning Board of Appeals: The Zoning Board of Appeals hears and determines appeals from refusal of building permits, makes special exceptions to the terms of the zoning regulations in harmony with their general purpose and intent and authorizes variances from the strict applications of regulations in such situations and subject to such limitations as may be set by ordinance.
  • Historic Preservation Commission: The Historic Preservation Commission advises and assists owners of landmarks and elements within historic districts on physical, technical and financial aspects of preservation, renovation, rehabilitation and reuse and on procedures for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, Colorado Register of Historic Properties and designation as landmarks of historic districts, reviews applications for designation of landmarks or historic districts, issues or denies certificates of appropriateness, demolition permits, or certificates of economic hardship affecting designated landmarks or elements within a designated historic district, prepares and maintains a register of landmarks and historic districts.
  • Technical Advisory Committee: The Technical Advisory Committee is a 5-member committee made up of the Director of Planning and Community Development, the Director of Parks and Recreation, Director of Public Works, A Utility Company Representative and a staff planner. This committee reviews and approved amendments to approved planning and zoning site plans, and city center streetscape standards variances.