Useful Government Mobile Apps

  1. GoPueblo


    GoPueblo is the official mobile app for the City of Pueblo. The app provides a connection between the City of Pueblo and its citizens and visitors. Enjoy convenient access to local officials, businesses and event registration. Whether a resident or visitor, this app delivers access to community news, events and emergency alerts.

  2. Citizen Request Tracker iPhone Application

    Citizen Request Tracker iPhone Application

    The Citizen Request Tracker iPhone App is the nation's leading citizen request management mobile application on the market. The CRT App allows more than 8 million citizens across North America to report issues - potholes, graffiti, down street lights, etc. - to their local government using GPS location detection. Once the issue is submitted, the citizen will receive a confirmation email and can login to view the status of their request along with comments posted by government officials.

  3. Facilities iPhone Application

    Facilities iPhone Application

    Have a birthday party or other event? Use the Facilities iPhone App to search for a community facility (such as a community center or a park), browse through the amenities the facility offers, view maps and photos of the facility, retrieve location information, and then reserve the space, if available.

  4. Resources iPhone Application

    Resources iPhone Application

    Let citizens inform themselves by looking up community services, local businesses, youth providers, voting places, new resident information - like utilities, water and cable - and much more through the Resource Directory iPhone App. Get contact information, service or business descriptions, web address and directions for each resource that is listed in the directory.

  5. American Red Cross Apps

    American Red Cross Apps

    These apps, offered by the American Red Cross, explain basic first aid procedures for you and your pets as well as tips for Hurricane, Earthquake, Wildfire, Flood, and Tornado preparedness and recovery.

  6. Ask Karen Application

    Ask Karen Application

    Recently launched by the Agriculture Department, Ask Karen is a perfect example of how to make a fun application that provides a lot of great information. You can ask Karen, the friendly food safety icon expert, all sorts of questions such as “How long can food last in a power failure,” or “How can I tell if a restaurant has adequately cooked my fish?” or even “How can you tell which cantaloupes are fresh in the store?” and the app will return helpful information.

  7. My TSA Application

    My TSA Application

    The app puts a lot of frequently needed data at the top level, such as airport delays updated in real time, so you can find out at a glance if things are running smoothly. You can also drill down into other information, such as how long security lines are at different airports.

  8. NASA Application

    NASA Application

    NASA was one of the first agencies to get a high-performance app online for everyone to download for free. The agency always seem to be ahead of the curve in terms of public outreach, and this one has been available since 2010.

  9. National Cancer Institute Application

    National Cancer Institute Application

    The NCI mobile app is a detailed dictionary of cancer terms, topics and constantly updated research news. It will even give users helpful advice about what to ask their doctor in the event of a cancer diagnosis, and suggest new treatment plans that your general practitioner may not yet be aware of.

  10. Application Application

    Billed as a tool to help kids with homework, it’s actually a surprisingly powerful search engine that checks science data from 12 federal agencies going back to 1990. So if you have a science-related question, there is a good chance that someone in government has asked the same thing at some point, and probably commissioned a study to get the answer.

  11. USA Jobs Application

    USA Jobs Application

    The economy seems to be crawling back out of its hole, but there are still a lot of people looking for work. The USA Jobs app for iOS is an attempt by the Office of Personnel Management to steer those people toward government job opportunities. And looking at the listings, there are quite a few of them.

  12. Veterans Affairs App

    Veterans Affairs App

    The Veterans Affairs Department and all its facilities are impressive, but they are also large and complicated. The Veterans Affairs Mobile app, which is available on a mobile website, can help you make sense of it all. Probably the most useful part of the application is a searchable database of VA facilities by state, but you can also get information about how to claim veterans benefits.

  13. WISER


    Not many apps can actually save a life, but the National Institutes of Health’s Wireless Information For Emergency Responders, or WISER, could do just that, and may have already done so since it was released last year. Tested on the BlackBerry OS, it’s also available for the Apple iOS and the Android platform.