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Re: Private Fire Hydrants,

Pursuant to the 2009 International Fire Code as adopted by City of Pueblo Ordinance #8278 (10/12/10), Section 507.5.3 applying to Fire Protection Water Supplies; NFPA 25, and the Fire Prevention Bureau of the Pueblo Fire Department: “Private fire hydrants (all types): Inspection annually and after each operation, maintenance annually, and flow test every 5 years."

Additionally, in accordance with Board of Water Works contractual requirements, “Fire hydrants installed by or for the applicant on private property not considered right-of-way or thoroughfare shall remain the property and liability of the applicant and shall be maintained by the applicant at its expense.”

Commencing immediately, these requirements will be enforced. All hydrant contractors shall file a copy of the testing results monthly but no later than November 30, 2012 (and annually thereafter) to:
City of Pueblo Fire Department
Fire Prevention Bureau
1551 Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo, CO 81001

A copy of these testing documents (in addition to any fire alarm and sprinkler system tests) shall be kept available at your business for visual verification during your annual Fire Department business inspection process. Contractors shall deliver copies of testing and maintenance results to the Pueblo Fire Prevention Bureau on a monthly basis, per 2009 IFC Section 107.2 as adopted by Municipal Ordinance #8278 November 8, 2010.  Contractors shall confirm that hydrants are painted and numbered according to PFD requirements. 

It shall be the contractor's responsibility to ensure that the most currently available hydrant testing forms are retrieved and used  from the Pueblo Fire Department website.   

This requirement will assure that the Safety and Fire Protection abilities of these required systems are in working order for you and the firefighters responding to your location.

Any questions or concerns and information on local hydrant contractors can be addressed by calling the Fire Prevention Bureau at 719-553-2830.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Dale Villers
Deputy Fire Chief

Revised November 12, 2012