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Civilian Response to an Active Shooter

Pueblo Crime Stoppers
Pueblo Crime Stoppers now provides 4 different ways to submit a tip, including:
Crime Stoppers offers all 4 ways to submit anonymous tips in order to encourage citizens in the community to volunteer vital information helpful to law enforcement agencies.

The City of Pueblo and the Pueblo Police Department have teamed up with NewStart Solutions, L3c (of Colorado Springs, Colorado) to engage our citizens in using a unique Crime Tipping, Alerting, and Notification solution for the public that includes enhanced crime investigation tools for law enforcement.

After seeing the added-value services that NewStart can offer to the citizens of Pueblo to improve community policing services to the community, as well as understanding our strong commitment to improving police investigations and citizen relationships, The Pueblo Police Department (PPD) decided to bring NewStart's solution to you first. Now, PPD is looking for your input and feedback and most importantly your participation in utilizing this new community policing resource that allows you to contribute to and support your local Pueblo Police in helping to reduce crime, and improve the quality of life for all of Pueblo's citizens.

Department Organization & Budget

 The Pueblo Police Department consists of 274 authorized positions, 207 of which are sworn officer positions and 67 are civilian positions. Of the authorized positions, 14 sworn officer positions and 5 civilian positions are currently frozen. The department approved budget for 2015 was $26,154,235.  Of the total budget, $24,470,906 (or 93.6%) is dedicated to personnel costs (i.e., salaries and benefits) and $1,683,329 (or 6.4%) is dedicated to daily operating expenses (e.g., fuel for cars, utility costs, equipment leases, etc.).
Administrative Offices

Since February 16, 2011 the Pueblo Police Department has been led by Chief Luis Velez.  Chief Velez had previously served on the Colorado Springs Police Department for 31 ½ years where he retired as the Chief of Police in September, 2006

Chief Velez holds a Doctoral degree in Management from Colorado Technical University (1999) and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from UCCS (1989).

Deputy Chief Michael Bennett, who oversees the Services Bureau which includes the administrative side of the police department, is also located within the Chief’s Office.

Support personnel in the office include, the Chief’s Executive Assistant, Ms. De Shaw; a Payroll Technician, Ms. Gaylene Holderman; and an Administrative Technician, Ms. Alisa Boerhave.

Volunteers Assisting Pueblo Police (V.A.P.P.)
The Pueblo Police Department is not currently accepting volunteer applications. To be notified of when volunteer jobs become available, please follow our social media sites and/or sign up for Pueblo Police E-mail notifications.