Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch Program is a major crime prevention effort of the Pueblo Police Department. This national program is showing results in many jurisdictions around the country. Your interest in the Neighborhood Watch Program will be the beginning of an experience that will allow your neighborhood to be as secure as possible. Only through the organized efforts of each and every member of the neighborhood can our community combat crime and violence. Our commitment to Community Policing makes the Neighborhood Watch Program important to all officers. The officers who work your area will be available to attend meetings.

Purpose of the Program
The Neighborhood Watch Program is intended to make citizens more informed about, and therefore, aware of crime prevention methods from a community, neighborhood and individual perspective. It involves meetings that incorporate crime prevention education, personal property identification and home and apartment security tactics.

Organizing a Watch
The 1st step to organizing your neighborhood is to talk to as many of your neighbors as possible and arrange a meeting of all those who wish to participate. At the meeting, the officers who patrol your quadrant will discuss the parts of the program and any other issues you may wish to address.

The importance of your neighborhood meeting and strong participation by many of your neighbors cannot be overemphasized. You and your neighbors need to get together, meet each other and develop a sense of responsibility for each other. Signs, stickers and good locks are not the cure-all for crime. You need the cooperation of the people around you. Neighborhood Watch will encourage a feeling of community within the neighborhood and instill a sense of mutual responsibility among the citizens, with regard to personal, home and property protection.

Police & Community Working Together
The Pueblo Police Department would like each and every neighbor to pay more attention to the things that go on in his/her neighborhood. Each of the neighbors should be aware of the vehicles and people that belong in your neighborhood. That makes it easier to report all "strange" vehicles or people who do not belong there to the police. We would prefer to check on someone who may not be doing anything wrong rather than have you ignore someone who could be committing a crime.

Sample discussion topics can include lighting, conditions in parks and vacant lots, vacant buildings, traffic, noise, zoning violations, Health Department issues, Neighborhood Watch logs, citizen/police cooperation, etc. Items such as the types of locks on doors and windows, as well as any other methods of security that will work within the neighborhood, are also discussed.

The Pueblo Police Department will do the following to help you insure a successful program:
  • Attend the meeting and guide the discussion.
  • Explain the Neighborhood Watch log and its value.
  • Identify the problems you want to solve in your area.
  • Provide handouts on crime prevention techniques and other useful information.
  • The official neighborhood watch signs, which are approximately 2- by 2-foot square, are secured in a strategic location within the neighborhood boundaries and are installed by the city. Each sign is red and black and clearly indicates that the area is a part of the Neighborhood Watch Program. These signs are an obvious deterrent to neighborhood crime since they directly communicate the intended message to a potential criminal that the area is under the auspices of the Pueblo Police Department's Neighborhood Watch Program.
By recording details on Neighborhood Watch logs about suspicious events that you see, you will be better able to aid the police when a crime is committed. Dates, times, locations and descriptions are part of a neighborhood's efforts to protect itself.

If we work together to watch out for each other, we can have an impact on crime in our city. We urge you to discuss this information with your neighbors and schedule a Neighborhood Watch meeting.

Helpful Resources
To get started, please call Crime Prevention Officer Brandon Beauvais at 719-553-2484 to schedule an initial meeting date. Then enjoy a sense of renewed support among your neighbors as you develop your Neighborhood Watch Program. The Pueblo Police Department would like to thank you for your interest and cooperation in setting up this program in your neighborhood. Good luck in your efforts!