Pueblo Transit

Our Mission
The mission of Pueblo Transit is to provide safe, reliable, and timely transit service to the public in a courteous and professional manner as cost effectively as possible.

Purchasing Your Pass
* Effective October 1, 2013 we will only issue a change card for $0.25 or more. Buy your pass online.

Notice to Riders
If traffic cones block a bus from stopping at a bus stop, the bus will not stop in the middle of the street. Riders must go to the next available bus stop to catch the bus. For more information, please contact a customer service representative at the Transit Center.

Pueblo Transit buses have bike racks that hold two bikes! Check out a pamphlet concerning proper usage in English or in Spanish to learn more.

Pueblo Transit along with the City of Pueblo, Pueblo County, and Colorado Department of Transportation took a stand for the Stand Up 4 Transportation initiative on April 9, 2015. 

Pueblo Transit - Standing Up 4 Transportation

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